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About Me

I love taking silly pictures of my ducks and chickens wearing dapper attire and turning those images into cards, magnets, canvases, kitchen towels/pot holders, etc.


I live in rural Tolono with my family--which includes a flock of 51 chickens, 18 ducks, 2 rabbits, 2 cats and a guinea pig.

My poultry picture taking adventure started with a silly hat that my friend made for me one Easter -- and now I enjoy matching the personality of the chicken or duck to hats, glasses or outfits.

Anyone in my flock is fair game for an impromptu photo shoot.  Some birds absolutely love to ham it up in front of the camera and I love capturing their personalities.

I'm so happy when someone laughs and smiles over these silly pictures.

Luckily my kids get as much joy out of having the chickens and ducks around as I do and often help with picture taking. My husband tolerates "all those birds" for their eggs.

Dalton with Dot, Doughboy, Pants

Contact Me

Shawn Carlson

Tolono IL 61880

Dalton & Dalton Jr

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